“It’s A Rap” is a rap song that parodies rap music. It tells the story of Maximus Swaggerous, a young gangster who makes a rap song in attempt to obtain women, money, and fame.


Video created & music composed by Spencer Cathcart



It’s a rap, it’s a rap
But this ain’t like the other crap
I’m the real deal, I quit my job at The Gap
I don’t have fame, money, or girls on my lap
But after this, my lap will be occupied asap

Last week I left my house to buy some shredded wheat
And you ain’t gonna believe what happened, it was hella sweet
I look down and see dis cat sitting on the street
So grabbed the kitty and ran, that’s right no receipt
Now some of y’all haters are probably calling bullsheit
Well sit down, I got someone I’d like you to meet.

It’s a rap, it’s a rap,
I say words so fast, I swear they overlap
Cops ain’t understand me even if I was wiretapped
Speaking of the law, society feels like a giant trap
One time I got busted just for shooting a homie in the kneecap

Now if you listen to this next verse, you’re in for a treat
And ladies, a chance to know me before you touch my meat
My vocabulary is small but that makes it easy to tweet
Plus I got more followers than you, so I’m pretty elite
Until I take a selfie their days ain’t even complete
And all I had to do was rhyme random shit to a beat.

It’s a rap, it’s a rap,
I ain’t supposed to be here in a form other than sap
But that all changed one night thanks to my dad’s mishap
Dat’s right I was the winning sperm, nearly won by a lap
It’s good he didn’t just stay home and decide to fap

Man I’m such an alpha, no other man can compete
I don’t use deodorant so learn to recognize the smell defeat
At the movies I saw a couple, so I sat beside the girl’s seat
As soon as the boyfriend saw me he could feel the heat
I asked the girl if she wanted my popcorn and she began to eat
The man looked surprised, never thought his girl would cheat.

It’s a rap, it’s a rap
When I’m famous I’ll create my own app
It’ll locate everyone within a yard of me on a map
Then notify each person I pass to get up and clap
If they ask why, it’ll play this song as a recap.